About Crowning Lupus

Our History

Crowning Lupus was created on February 29, 2013 by a young woman from Aiken, South Carolina who suffered from lupus. Her overall goal was to educate communities across the nation about the effects of lupus under a campaign titled Give Lupus Royal Treatment. Who knew her dreams would become reality in the years to come?! The name of that young woman was Jade Nealious, our current Executive Director.

In 2014, Give Lupus Royal Treatment officially incorporated as Crowning Lupus. Over the last five years, the organization has been solely operated under the guidance of volunteers. These group of volunteers have expanded the efforts of the organization tremendously from service to volunteerism throughout Aiken, South Carolina and Augusta, Georgia. In addition, our founder still provides assistant to those in need across the State of South Carolina outside of organization.

Crowning Lupus is a 501 (c)(3) dedicated to bringing awareness through the following method — Each one… Reach one… Teach one. We hope to not only help Lupus survivors and their families become adaptive to their given circumstances, but to also spread seeds of energy, growth, and positivity amongst communities nationwide through our strong presence in the Aiken community. In essence, when dealing with a flower, water penetrates the dirt/soil to create growth and abundance in the seeds embedded in its core. This is perfect symbolism for what Crowning Lupus represents. It is the water that penetrates the Lupus community and its surroundings to enable growth and a full vessel of knowledge.

We Have A Strong Mission

The mission of Crowning Lupus is to spread lupus awareness in communities across Aiken, South Carolina and surrounding areas while providing access to resources concerning mental and physical health through support groups, events, and programs. By providing financial assistance, we offer programs that assists with medicinal and life costs to lift financial burdens off of lupus survivors. We serve over 500 lupus survivors in local communities surrounding Aiken, South Carolina. However, our outreach stretches to every county in South Carolina.

Crowning Lupus represents the essence of strength, courage, and wisdom. These traits are exuded through the numerous awareness and research efforts we conduct! This organization provides educationally transparent situations for the Lupus community to be knowledgeable on new treatments, different resources available, the day-to-day experiences of Lupus survivors, and support outlets. Here are a few of our programs:

J.E.N. Scholarship

Community service is the ability to give of one’s self voluntarily without seeking any accolades, praise, or items in return. It requires an act of selflessness and kindness from within an individual, not obligation. As a result, the J.E.N Scholarship was named after Jade Nealious’ (founder) sister, Jessica Elaine Nealious. Her commitment to education and serving her students through service, knowledge, wisdom, financial needs, and understanding inspired me to give back to a deserving graduating high school senior in Aiken, South Carolina. Scholarships will be given to students at the following schools (they do not have to be a valedictorian):

  1. Silver Bluff High School
  2. South Aiken High School
  3. Aiken High School
  4. Midland Valley High School

Family Program

The Family Program is an opportunity for one Lupus survivor to receive a moment of financial freedom from all costs associated to medical bills. Crowning Lupus understands that living with a chronic illness is not an easy situation. Financially, the cost associated to “Life with Lupus” can create a number of physically, mental, and emotional issues for the survivor and their family support system. Under this program, we provide an allotted donation amount to medical costs for the survivor.

Warrior Program

The Warrior Program is an opportunity for one Lupus survivor to receive a moment of financial freedom, they are allowed to use the funding how they choose. Crowning Lupus understands that living with a chronic illness is not an easy situation. Financially, the cost associated to “Life with Lupus” can create a number of physically, mental, and emotional issues for the survivor and their family support system. Under this program, we provide an allotted donation amount for the survivor to spend how they deem important.

Back to School Extravaganza

An advocate for education through our scholarship program, Crowning Lupus recognizes the importance of supplying every adolescent/pre-teen with the necessary materials and tools needed for a healthy transition into the upcoming school year. Our objective is to ensure that no student goes without the needed materials to successfully be prepared for a new year of learning and fundamentals.

Crowning Wishes

The Crowning Wishes program is geared towards recognizing individuals battling chronic illness diseases by making their dream a reality!

Crowning the Queen Within

Crowning the Queen Within is an event geared towards spreading the love of Crowning Lupus to women of chronic illness (specifically lupus) in the local area. These women fight every day of their life! We not only tackle the beauty within through conversation and motivational messages, but we also pamper each survivor with facials, makeup applications, painting to release the frustrations of daily struggles, and treat bags filled with amazing beauty products for skin care.

Impact Health Program

The Impact Health Program is an opportunity for four lupus survivors to receive personal fitness training and educational knowledge of healthy foods for one month. Over the course of the month, each survivor is required to work out with a certified fitness trainer twice per week, unless they are experiencing a flare. Each week they are provided a meal plan to follow based on their medication intake. The goal of this program seeks to help survivors gain control of their lifestyle in order to Thrive with Lupus.

Halloween Palace

Crowning Lupus is committed to serving underprivileged children by providing resources and materials to thrive. But every child deserves the opportunity to Be a Kid! During the month of October, Crowning Lupus host a small festival for disadvantaged children. During this festival, we provide a safe environment of food, candy, games, and LOVE to each child in attendance.

It is our goal to continue providing visions of hope to all lupus survivors. When you join the fight against lupus, you enable us to continue exuding our motto: Run Lupus… Don’t Let It Run You! With your support, we will be able to help lupus survivors thrive in the fight against lupus and end the stigmatism attached to this devastating disease.

We advocate on behalf of all individuals battling lupus and their families. We educate government officials and industry leaders on the urgency to support our educational events, support services, and programs targeted to directly impact the home environment of those adapting to Life with Lupus. Our outreach efforts bring light to the internal and external situations individuals with lupus face. Our goal is to continue building awareness avenues to lupus.

We host bi-monthly support groups in Aiken, South Carolina at the Clyburn Center. One of our volunteers conducts periodic support group meetings in Camden, South Carolina.

Crowning Lupus is a charitable organization with tax-exempt status granted under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Our Federal Identification Number can be provided by our CEO, Elaine Nealious, or CFO, Jimmy Nealious upon requests. Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.


I would like to thank Crowning Lupus and staff for selecting me as the 2016 Warrior [Program recipient].  2016 was one of my most difficult years ever dealing with Lupus.  I have been dealing with Lupus  for 17 years and never dealt with dialysis or antibiotic pc line until December 2016.  I was able to come home with a nurse monitoring pc line for 6 weeks but it was still back and forth hospital stays because I could not keep my hemoglobin stable.  The pc line medication was $100 per week not including the cost of other medications.  Being chosen as the Warrior [Program Recipient] is such a blessing.  This program is one of the best I have heard of because having to buy medications while dealing with your illness, is a burden on your family financially and mentally.  However, to know we still have loving people out there like the people who work with Crowning Lupus is a blessing .  I hope this program continues to grow and bless others.

Leslie Foreman
Supporter of Crowning Lupus

Since the creation of Crowning Lupus, I have seen first hand the impact it has had on thousands across the state. The grassroots efforts have touched those affected in an inexplicable way. The use of social media, on-air media appearances and community events has helped inform the community on an illness that is often misunderstood or unheard. I look forward to not only seeing the growth of this organization but continuing to support it. 

Janet Parker
News Anchor (WACH Fox)

The work that Jade Nealious and Crowning Lupus are doing is truly amazing. For me, as someone who was also diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, to see Jade take a negative situation, and turn it into a positive is truly inspiring. Crowning Lupus has motivated me to get involved in the community, and find ways to help those affected by diseases like lupus. I look at Crowning Lupus as not just a leader in the fight against lupus, but also a leader in the fight against all diseases. I feel privileged by the opportunities to support Crowning Lupus and their efforts in any way possible. 

Randy Roper
Supporter of Crowning Lupus

Crowning Lupus/Give Lupus Royal Treatment has impacted my life in such a way like never before. Not being very knowledgeable about Lupus at first, but learning that my sister/close friend Jade Nealious suffers from this disease made me research the cause and affects of Lupus. The awareness really allowed me to understand that this disease is very common and that no one is exempt from it. Just seeing and hearing about the pain that people suffer from really allowed me to be there like never before for anyone that experience this disease. I thank the entire Crowning Lupus organization as well as Jade for opening my eyes and allowing me to become more aware of this disease and I fully support Crowning Lupus/Give Lupus Royal Treatment!

DJ Loui Vee
Supporter of Crowing Lupus

Jade has been an inspiring advocate in educating and raising awareness of Lupus to South Carolina residents. I've known her since college, and what she has been able to achieve in that time span is very admirable. Back then, she was a full-time student and advocate, but has since grown in becoming a successful leader for the Crowning Lupus organization. Jade and Crowning Lupus have been vastly expanding their repertoire throughout this past year. They are working hard to help those with lupus know their options through support groups. They are bringing Lupus awareness to the forefront in Aiken by hosting its first ever Lupus walk this May. They frequently hold fundraising events like the fashion show and sports games around South Carolina. The great thing about Crowning Lupus is that it encompasses all aspects of Lupus through these measures, not just one angle. With such a successful 2013, I eagerly await to see what Jade and Crowning Lupus will bring to the new year. I am looking forward to assisting with and participating in the Lupus Walk this May. I feel very honored to be working with such a reputable organization and hope to help advance Crowning Lupus's mission statement this year.

Christina J. McClelland
Supporter of Crowning Lupus

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